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5 Possible Causes of Snoring in Women

Apr 15, 2023483 Views

Although snoring is generally associated with men, it can occur to anyone, irrespective of sex or gender. Therefore, snoring in women is also common, and there are a few factors that can lead to this phenomenon. So, what causes snoring in females? Female sex hormones, in general, can increase the risk of snoring among people. […]

Why You Should Not Smoke After a Root Canal

Mar 30, 2023328 Views

A root canal procedure is recommended when you have an infected or severely damaged tooth. Since the treatment restores your tooth and saves you from tooth extraction, you will need to stick to the aftercare instructions your endodontist provides. One of the most frequent queries dentists receive is, ‘Can you smoke after a root canal?’ […]

Which Treatment is the Best for Getting Rid of Teeth Gap?

Mar 15, 2023349 Views

In many cultures, a gap between teeth is perceived as a sign of good luck. In dentistry, however, there is no positive connotation associated with gapped teeth. Many individuals are embarrassed by the gap in their teeth. Factors such as missing teeth, thumb-sucking, gum disease, and more are responsible for developing spaces between your teeth. […]

Do Not Ignore These 5 Signs of Infection After a Root Canal

Feb 28, 2023429 Views

Although a root canal procedure effectively restores your tooth, reinfection can occur after the treatment. Many individuals, in some instances, experience mild to severe symptoms of infection after the endodontic treatment. Knowing the signs of infection after a root canal in advance can help you receive treatment on time, ensuring no additional problems arise. We […]

Pain After Tooth Extraction — How Long Does it Last?

Feb 15, 2023414 Views

Some dental troubles call for a tooth extraction since it is the only way to save a tooth. This might be true in the case of wisdom teeth, severe decay, large cracks, etc. In such circumstances, pulling a tooth might actually help improve your dental health. Even though many people fear the procedure due to […]

Mamelon Teeth – Are Ridges on Teeth Bad?

Jan 30, 2023361 Views

Mamelon tooth is a common phenomenon in dentistry, and it is a common occurrence among children. But what exactly is mamelon? It refers to the ridges on teeth. In simpler terms, the rounded bumps on the edge of one’s tooth, making a wavy edge, are called mamelon teeth. In French, mamelon translates to ‘nipple,’ similar […]

I Accidentally Swallowed Mouthwash; What to Do?

Jan 15, 2023468 Views

Mouthwash comes through when you need to freshen up your breath and have no alternatives. Moreover, it can help reduce bacteria that lead to dental health issues like tooth decay and gum disease. However, you should only use mouthwash to rinse your mouth — don’t swallow it! If you end up accidentally drinking the solution, […]

I Have a Cracked Tooth — Does it Need to be Pulled?

Dec 30, 2022470 Views

Cracking a tooth is a dental emergency. This is because a cracked tooth could allow bacteria inside your teeth, leading to infection and other dental problems. Although a fissure in your teeth is not always visible, you can tell if you have a broken tooth with the help of symptoms. After diagnosing the damage, there […]

My Teeth Hurt When I Wake Up — 5 Possible Reasons Why

Dec 15, 2022384 Views

Waking up in the morning is already a hard enough ordeal, but imagine having dental pain on top of that. If your teeth hurt when you wake up, it could be due to multiple reasons. We look forward to waking up fresh in the mornings, ready to take the day by storm. Hence, carry on […]

Veneers — How Long Do They Last?

Nov 30, 2022307 Views

Cosmetic dentistry has introduced many innovative ways to perfect your smile. But here is the best part: you don’t have to wait for a major defect to get treatment. Hence, if you notice a minor issue like a gap, stain, or a small chip — veneers can help you fix your smile. Carry on reading […]


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