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Time To Clean Invisalign

Mar 15, 2022986 Views

Invisalign is one of the orthodontic treatments that work for straightening teeth without traditional metal braces. They make the smile look aesthetically pleasing without giving a noticeable characteristic look. If you are confused about getting them just because their maintenance seems intimidating? Read along this blog to get rid of your fears. We have detailed […]

How To Prevent Dry Socket Formation After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Feb 28, 2022356 Views

We understand that wisdom tooth extraction is intimidating, but in many situations, they are inevitable. Wisdom teeth set is the last one to come in, and their late entry causes many disruptions, so their extraction is considered the best option. After extraction, post-surgery care is complex yet crucial. One of the complications is a dry […]

Why Do We Have To Wear Retainers After Braces Removal?

Feb 15, 2022492 Views

Getting rid of the braces and that characteristic look is every person’s dream who has to wear them daily. It is not just unsightly but also a painful process that one has to go through for teeth straightening. You might be looking forward to the day when you’ll get rid of metal wires forever; however, […]

How To Whiten Teeth with Braces On – Effective Methods For You

Jan 30, 2022453 Views

Every individual dreams of having a bright smile with their pearly whites shining up front. However, it is a task for individuals with crooked teeth. Teeth cleaning with braces on is certainly no less than a nightmare. You must wonder, “how to whiten teeth with braces?” is it even possible to do so? Eatables are […]

Why Do I Gag In The Morning? Here Are Some Common Reasons…

Jan 15, 2022676 Views

It can be quite unpleasant waking up in the morning with an overactive gag reflex. Commonly recognized as a sign of potential pregnancy, several other factors can also cause morning sickness. If you’re wondering, “why do I gag in the morning?” This article will dive into some of the possible causes of nausea in the […]

How To Straighten Teeth | Choosing The Best Method For You

Dec 30, 20211095 Views

Straightening crooked teeth is an important treatment that is becoming more popular with millions of Americans every year, just based on the number of people opting to get braces. Experts specializing in knowing how to straighten teeth are known as orthodontists, and they use a selection of special tools to shift tooth positions over time. […]

How To Remove Tartar From Teeth Without Dentist | 5 Effective Tips

Dec 15, 2021958 Views

Everyone knows that it’s important to maintain a good oral hygiene routine to prevent cavities and tartar on your teeth. But if you happen to have neglected your oral hygiene due to illness, stress, or other reasons, you might one day find plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth and gums. This is aesthetically unappealing, […]

Emergency Toothache Relief | How To Soothe A Bad Toothache Fast

Nov 30, 2021850 Views

A sudden toothache can be very painful. It can prevent you from talking, chewing, eating or drinking, and can even keep you up at night. If you’re reading this article, your toothache is probably bad enough that you’re looking for emergency toothache relief. We’ve put together a list of some measures you can take to […]

Painful Bump On Tongue? Here’s What You Should Do.

Nov 15, 20216824 Views

Many problems can affect your tongue, and having a painful bump on the tongue can be terrible. It can prevent you from enjoying your favorite foods, not to mention keep you uncomfortable throughout the day. So what should you do to treat it? In this article from your family dentist in Baytown, TX, we’ll explore […]

Why Is My Tongue Orange? Answered By Your Family Dentist in Baytown

Oct 30, 20212020 Views

As a child, you’ve probably had a refreshing orange popsicle on a warm, sunny day only to notice that your tongue is bright orange, even hours later. And while it’s all fun and games, you might be worried to notice an orange tongue in the mirror, especially if you’ve never seen it before. So if […]

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