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Dental Implants: A Permanent Solution

Jun 1, 2015438 Views

If you’re living with the embarrassment, pain, and misery that is brought on by teeth that have been lost due to injury or disease, you’re probably trying to weigh your options to determine how you should best address it. In our Baytown, TX office, we offer all the possible solutions for missing teeth, including dentures […]

When Dental Bonding Saves Your Smile?

Dec 24, 2014539 Views

Have you ever looked at someone with a beautiful smile and wondered how you could have the same? Here is a little secret: almost no one is born with teeth that perfect! Hollywood stars, the lady at the grocery store, or the model in a magazine have all had work done to get their smiles […]

A Restoration You Can Trust

Dec 24, 2014437 Views

There are many ways for an adult to lose a tooth, but the most common is gum disease. Teeth also come out due to infection or injury. In any of these cases, there will be no one standing next to you celebrating like there was when you lost your baby teeth. There will be no […]

Veneers Correct Uneven Front Teeth

Nov 18, 2014805 Views

There are hundreds of cosmetic complaints that you could have about your smile. So many things can happen or go wrong that the possibilities are endless. Many patients are able and willing to ignore cosmetic flaws, but when it comes to the front teeth, few people are able to ignore the embarrassment. If your front […]

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