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What to eat after tooth extraction?

Everyday several tooth extractions take care at the dental clinic due to various reasons. The process is simple, and the use of sedation and medicines makes it comfortable and pain free; however, after care is essential for quick recovery. The exposed area forms a...

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How to eat a hamburger with dentures?

Eating with dentures is challenging, especially in the first few weeks when you are adjusting to them. In comparison, having dental implants is better if you wish to continue your diet and can't control your eating habits. However, after wearing dentures for some...

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The truth about dental implants

A dental implant is one of the best solutions to replace missing teeth. Teeth are one of the significant assets we all have; besides, we can't live without them. Can you imagine going on without food just for a day? Implants result in teeth that function and look...

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How long do dental implants last, and can they fail?

Dental implants are one of the most popular methods to replace the missing tooth. Besides, it is also true that they are the most durable option and long-lasting compared to all other existing methods. You can name this procedure as a permanent solution as the tooth...

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What are the Pros and cons of dental implants?

Losing teeth is not unusual; despite it being one of the worst nightmares, such incidents happen. Various factors are responsible for it, including minor or major accidents or even aging. People start losing permanent teeth after the age of seventy-five, and it is...

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Do coconut oil and activated charcoal teeth whitening work?

Many of us are familiar with the natural goodness of coconut and its benefits. Nowadays, we often hear about the use of charcoal in cleaning our teeth. So, have you heard about coconut oil and activated charcoal teeth whitening? Yes, these are the natural formula to...

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When is the need for an emergency root canal?

Never ignore toothache and sensitivity as it might be the starting phase for the spread of bacteria. As said, sooner, the better; restore your oral health by regularly maintaining hygiene and visiting the dental clinic. In a few cases, there is no pain, but the tooth...

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Why do you need a Full Mouth Extraction?

There has been a lot of improvement in dentistry in the last few years; today, almost all procedures are comfortably done without pain due to the use of sedation. Despite all this, people fear visiting the dental clinic, and this avoidance turns minor oral issues into...

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10 Tips to Relieve Pain from Braces

Candidate for braces, especially teenagers are afraid of the pain and discomfort braces might cause. In reality, once you get used to wearing braces, there is not much pain left. You may experience throbbing pain as soon as you get them or when your orthodontist makes...

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How Long Does Dental Numbness Last?

The length of time dental numbing lasts depends on the type used. For instance, Novocaine's (a popular local anesthetic drug) numbing effects usually wear off after thirty to sixty minutes. However, many other factors influence how long the effects last. When you take...

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