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Mamelon Teeth – Are Ridges on Teeth Bad?

Jan 30, 20231 Views

Mamelon tooth is a common phenomenon in dentistry, and it is a common occurrence among children. But what exactly is mamelon? It refers to the ridges on teeth. In simpler terms, the rounded bumps on the edge of one’s tooth, making a wavy edge, are called mamelon teeth. In French, mamelon translates to ‘nipple,’ similar […]

I Accidentally Swallowed Mouthwash; What to Do?

Jan 15, 2023202 Views

Mouthwash comes through when you need to freshen up your breath and have no alternatives. Moreover, it can help reduce bacteria that lead to dental health issues like tooth decay and gum disease. However, you should only use mouthwash to rinse your mouth — don’t swallow it! If you end up accidentally drinking the solution, […]

I Have a Cracked Tooth — Does it Need to be Pulled?

Dec 30, 2022329 Views

Cracking a tooth is a dental emergency. This is because a cracked tooth could allow bacteria inside your teeth, leading to infection and other dental problems. Although a fissure in your teeth is not always visible, you can tell if you have a broken tooth with the help of symptoms. After diagnosing the damage, there […]

My Teeth Hurt When I Wake Up — 5 Possible Reasons Why

Dec 15, 2022183 Views

Waking up in the morning is already a hard enough ordeal, but imagine having dental pain on top of that. If your teeth hurt when you wake up, it could be due to multiple reasons. We look forward to waking up fresh in the mornings, ready to take the day by storm. Hence, carry on […]

Veneers — How Long Do They Last?

Nov 30, 2022145 Views

Cosmetic dentistry has introduced many innovative ways to perfect your smile. But here is the best part: you don’t have to wait for a major defect to get treatment. Hence, if you notice a minor issue like a gap, stain, or a small chip — veneers can help you fix your smile. Carry on reading […]

Let’s Dive Deep into What Hairline Cracks in Teeth Are

Nov 15, 2022454 Views

Our teeth help us eat, sing, kiss, and communicate with the world – among other things. Therefore, they’re bound to wear and tear over time. So if you feel a sharp pain in your tooth when you bite down on that yummy sandwich, behold! It may be a tooth crack. Hairline cracks in teeth aren’t […]

Sleeping with Mouth Open: How to Stop It? 6 Effective Tips

Oct 30, 2022398 Views

Good oral health doesn’t only depend on your brushing and flossing techniques but also your habits. For instance, teeth grinding can cause harmful dental health issues. Similarly, sleeping with your mouth open can be detrimental to your oral well-being. So if you are guilty of mouth breathing when sleeping, we got you. Just carry on […]

7 Effective Tips on How to Get Rid of Onion Breath at Home

Oct 15, 2022501 Views

As much as onion adds a delicious flavor to your meals, it can cause bad breath. The sulfur compounds in onion and garlic can leave a lingering odor on your breath. The unpleasant breath can last for hours after you’ve consumed onions. While a professional teeth cleaning can help neutralize onion breath if it is […]

White Spots on Teeth? Here is How to Get Rid of Them

Sep 30, 2022212 Views

Noticing white stains on your teeth can make you worried regarding your oral health. Plus, it affects your pearly smile too! Many become conscious of their smile, as the discoloration can lower their self-confidence. Worry not, though, as we will tell you how to get rid of white spots on your teeth in this blog. […]

Why Do I Sleep With My Mouth Open? Is it Bad?

Aug 30, 2022571 Views

Sleeping with your mouth open is not something to take lightly. Not only is nighttime mouth breathing harmful to your overall health, but it might also indicate conditions like sleep apnea. Mouth is one of the air passageways to our lungs; our nose is the other air passageway we commonly use. Still, it can be […]

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