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Veneers For Overlapping Teeth: How Well They Work?

Apr 15, 202412 Views

Numerous people are getting veneers these days to enhance their smiles. Can veneers fix crooked teeth? Yep, they can! Veneers can make slightly crooked teeth look straighter by giving them a smooth and even appearance. However, they’re not for everyone. If your teeth are badly crooked or you have other big dental problems that need […]

What Factors Affect The Teeth Whitening Cost?

Mar 30, 2024108 Views

If you are thinking about whitening your teeth, you will notice that there are many options at different prices. Getting professional teeth whitening at the dentist might seem pricey upfront compared to DIY options you can do at home. You can expect to pay $300 to $600. But remember that the whitening you get from […]

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

Mar 15, 2024121 Views

The million-dollar question: do dental implants hurt? We won’t sugarcoat it; some discomfort can be involved, but it’s not necessarily as bad as you might think. First off, during the procedure itself, you’ll be given anesthesia, so you shouldn’t feel any pain while they’re placing the implant into your jawbone. Some people might feel pressure […]

Can You Have Tooth Root In The Sinus Cavity

Feb 29, 2024237 Views

Teeth are tiny anchors, holding onto your jawbone for dear life. But sometimes, especially with the upper molars, they can accidentally climb up to your sinuses. Hence, the formation of a tooth root in the sinus cavity begins. This expansion is harmless unless an inflammation or infection occurs. What Happens When a Tooth Root Goes […]

How To Fix A Discolored Tooth?

Feb 15, 2024168 Views

A discolored tooth has changed color from the usual white shade. It can go yellow, brown, or even gray. There could be various reasons for this rebellion. It might be due to stains, aging, or dental mischief. Whatever the cause, one tooth stands out in the crowd, and it’s usually a signal that a dental […]

What Do Dents in Teeth Indicate?

Jan 30, 2024231 Views

You check your smile in the mirror and suddenly notice these tiny craters or dents on your teeth. What’s wrong with that? There are a few possible culprits for these dental dimples. Acidic foods, drinks, or even stomach acid from conditions like acid reflux can be the sneaky causes behind this erosion. Other potential suspects […]

What Does Full Mouth Rehabilitation Include?

Jan 15, 2024153 Views

Sometimes, your teeth can suffer excessive wear and tear and drastic enamel erosion. This can be due to bruxism, chewing on hard stuff like nuts and ice, poor oral hygiene, etc. No matter how badly your oral health is affected at this point, modern dentistry won’t disappoint you. With full-mouth restoration, your dentist can cater […]

Dental Cap Vs Crown: Which Is Better?

Dec 30, 2023151 Views

You must have heard the terms dental crown and dental cap at various times from various people. Did it ever stimulate your thought process? Are they any different? The correct answer is yes; you can tell them apart based on a few differences. Dental Crown A dental crown replaces the whole structure of your tooth. […]

What Is All On 4 Dental Implants? Benefits And Functions

Dec 15, 2023170 Views

All 4 dental implants are traditional dentures in a new avatar. Traditional dentures were introduced as teeth replacement but could never gain popularity as an effective solution. All on-4 dental implants, also known as same-day implants, look and function like natural teeth. Are All on 4 Implants a Good Option? Traditional dental implants demand the […]

Craftsmanship Behind Veneers: What Are Veneers Made Of

Nov 30, 2023107 Views

Dental veneers are the secret behind many radiant Hollywood smiles. These magic shells that your dentist custom-crafts and places over your teeth, instantly transform your grin. Whether it’s covering up stubborn stains, fixing a chipped tooth, or just getting that symmetrical superstar smile, veneers are like the chameleons of dentistry. Do Veneers Go Over Existing […]


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