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Hard Bony Lump On Gum | The Strange Existence of Dental Tori

Everyone's familiar with the geography of the inside of their mouths. But sometimes, you might wake up one day and brush your tongue against something unfamiliar: a hard, bony lump on your gum. What is it, and is it going to cause any harm? In this post, we'll explain...

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Gum Swollen Around One Tooth | What It Means and How To Fix It

On a regular day while you're brushing your teeth you might happen to notice that you have one tooth with the gum swollen around it. This might be surprising, especially if you haven't noticed anything abnormal about your teeth before, but it's actually not completely...

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What does a cavity look like | Causes & Treatments

Are you wondering, “what does a cavity look like?" You never want to hear your dentist say that you have a cavity. This is because cavities are bad news for your mouth. A cavity is a hole in one or more of your teeth. They are caused by gradual tooth decay. In most...

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Veneers vs Crowns Explained: What’s The Difference?

You might have heard of veneers and crowns, but what are they? An established dental practice will provide the installation of both veneers and crowns. And with so many options available to customers, which one should you choose? With veneers vs crowns, it all comes...

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Why Are My Teeth Sensitive After Whitening?

Many of our patients and even those using teeth whitening kits report experiencing sensitivity in the few days after treatment. This is common and typically doesn’t last very long. You can do some things to help prevent and treat this hypersensitivity until it fades...

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