Are you a coffee addict or tea lover? Maybe you like to enjoy soft drinks or fruit juices? Many of our favorite beverages are delicious, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for our teeth. Below, we will explain how some common drinks can affect your oral health. We’ll also tell you how to protect your tooth enamel so you can keep your teeth strong.

Acidic Beverages

Acidic drinks can damage the teeth and lead to sensitivity. The acid in these beverages causes the minerals on your teeth to break down, leaving your teeth weaker and more prone to pain. This process is known as acid erosion. Acidic beverages include coffee, fruit juices, and carbonated drinks, including soda and energy drinks.

Sugary Drinks

Beverages with added sugar can also damage the teeth. Sugar can cause plaque buildup which leads to tooth decay. Fruit juices and soft drinks usually have the highest sugar content, but keep your eye on other beverages too. If you like to sweeten your coffee or tea, you might be consuming more sugar than you realize.

How to Protect Your Teeth

Of course, you can maintain a healthy mouth even with the occasional acidic or sugary drink. The key is to enjoy these in moderation. Using a straw and drinking water after these beverages can help to prevent acid erosion. Regular dental cleanings will also help to remove plaque and prevent tooth decay. To schedule a dental exam and cleaning today, call Dynamic Dental Solutions at 281-837-9090.

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