Teething is a natural growth process which every baby goes through. It is not a good or comfortable experience, especially if it happens with occasional throwing up sessions. It is a cause of concern for parents. Some babies do not have any symptoms at all, and others have a different set. But can teething cause vomiting in children?

Can teething Be The Cause of Vomiting?

Usually, children grow their first set of teeth by the time they reach the age of 3. During the teething duration, children are often under irritation and very often get sick, which may lead to vomiting. However, one can’t say that it is directly related to it.

In a nutshell, there is no direct link seen between teething and vomiting. Infants are susceptible to vomits and expel their gut out if they contract an infection such as a stomach bug or in case if they eat anything that does not work for them.

However, if your baby tends to throw up frequently during its teething months, there might be some issues involved:

Excessive Drooling

Extra drools or excessive drooling while teething is common and may cause them to vomit more often. More so, if your baby is an over achiever and reaching certain milestones early, such as teething, loads of spit can cause vomiting because of them rolling over.

If they sit up and roll over often, you might see frequent coughing and puking episodes, even if they are in the teething duration or not. Do not panic. The issue will subside with time.

Low Immunity and Germ Attacks

Mostly newborns start teething around 4 to 7 seven months, and in this time, the passive immunity from the mother during her gestation period starts getting weaker day by day.

In this time, babies on breastfeeding may also lose some sessions; that means lesser immunity from the mother’s milk for them; their body is mostly on its own.

Low immunity and increasing curiosity with age make them more likely to pick up a stomach bug or any other infection that may cause vomiting rather than the teething process itself.

Food Allergies, Teething and Vomiting

At the time these babies reach the age of 6 months, a lot of them start having various kinds of solid foods in squished form. During this very age, a lot of them start getting their first teeth in.

Therefore, if you notice that your child is getting sick at this time, they might have had a food item that they are allergic to.

Usually, yogurt, containing cow’s milk, soy, eggs, wheat, or tomatoes and strawberries can trigger a vomiting reflex.

Final Take Out

Teething and vomiting may not have a direct link; but they can certainly happen in the same span of time because of various stimuli. All you have to do is embrace the milestone. In case you have questions, ask from the dentist in Baytown from Dynamic Dental Solutions, call on 281 837 9090 for more teething info and related queries.

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