Even though they are one of the most common procedures, many people remain unaware that you can get a root canal on the front tooth. This endodontic treatment helps remove the damaged or infected pulp and fills in the empty space with a filler material. The root canal on the canine or incisor tooth is even simpler than on a molar; carry on reading to learn all about the treatment!

Root Canal on Front Tooth Symptoms

If your front tooth requires a root canal, there are a few symptoms that will show up. These include:

  • Constant pain
  • Increased sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Discolored tooth
  • Swollen gums
  • Loose tooth
  • Cracked or chipped tooth

You will need to visit your endodontist for a check-up if you notice the above-mentioned symptoms. The more you wait, the more severe your condition might become!

Root Canal Procedure on Canine or Incisor Tooth

The procedure for a root canal on the front tooth is similar to any other tooth. Here is a breakdown of the procedure:

  • The dentist takes an X-ray of the affected area.
  • Local anesthesia is used to numb the tooth as well as the surrounding area.
  • The damaged or infected tooth is separated from the rest of the mouth with the help of a barrier, ensuring the rest of the mouth and gums remain unaffected by the procedure.
  • The endodontist will inspect the tooth and the surrounding region for dead, damaged, or infected tissue.
  • The pulp lies beneath the enamel, which means the dental specialist will drill through the outer surface to reach the pulp.
  • Any infected or otherwise damaged tissue is entirely taken out from the tooth, ensuring nothing remains behind.
  • The dentist fills the space they just cleared with a polymer filler composed of latex-based material.
  • A filling material is used to cover the hole, which protects the tooth while it is healing.
  • Sometimes, the tooth is covered with a dental crown if necessary.

What You Need to Know About the Root Canal on Front Tooth

There are some factors you need to keep in mind if you are getting a root canal on your front tooth. So, if you are up for the procedure, keep the following in mind:

  1. Reduced Pain: Many people have the wrong assumption that root canals hurt, but that is not true since the tooth as well as the gum tissue, will be numb due to the anesthesia. If anything, root canals help reduce the pain you are experiencing. Moreover, some discomfort is normal following the treatment, but it should disappear once the site has fully healed.
  2. Restores the Tooth: Infection or damage is a dental emergency; if not for a root canal, you will end up losing the tooth. Just imagine! Being embarrassed to speak or smile because your front tooth is missing. Therefore, a root canal on the front tooth will save your tooth as well as the surrounding structures from additional damage.
  3. Dental Crowns: While a dental crown helps protect the tooth from further damage, it is not always necessary. This means you may not always need a crown on your front tooth after a root canal.
  4. Tooth Whitening: Sometimes, the root canal tooth turns gray or becomes discolored. For the longest, dental crowns were the only option to cover the tooth. But now, the cosmetic dentist can help whiten your teeth again!


A root canal is not just limited to molars; you can get it on your front teeth as well. Hence, when you notice the signs, make sure to contact your endodontist right away from treatment.

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