As much as onion adds a delicious flavor to your meals, it can cause bad breath. The sulfur compounds in onion and garlic can leave a lingering odor on your breath. The unpleasant breath can last for hours after you’ve consumed onions. While a professional teeth cleaning can help neutralize onion breath if it is due to poor oral hygiene, you can try some home remedies too. In this blog, we’ll tell you how to get rid of onion breath.

Tips to Get Rid of Onion Breath

Even though everyone gets bad breaths sometimes, it can be an embarrassing situation. But you can get rid of onion breath by employing these tips at home:

1. Brush & Floss

When you eat onions, try brushing and flossing immediately after the meal. Scrubbing your teeth and tongue using a good toothbrush will remove the odor-causing particles. In addition, using suitable toothpaste will freshen up your breath.

Try flossing to remove the debris from hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. This way, your mouth will be free of onion particles. Therefore, you won’t have the case of an onion breath.

2. Mouthwash

Using a mint mouthwash to rinse your mouth won’t get rid of the unpleasant scent, but it’ll definitely help cover it. You can use it to freshen up your breath until the onion odor goes away or you get time to brush your teeth.

3. Chewing Gum

Carrying a handful of sugar-free mint gums never goes wrong. If, at that moment, you don’t have a toothbrush or mouthwash, mint gums come to the rescue. Just chew on gum to cover the stink of onion on your breath; this will help get rid of it for a short while.

Not to forget, chewing gum increases salivary flow. So while you’re hiding the onion breath, saliva will get rid of the particles stuck in your mouth. Always choose sugarless gum. Otherwise, the sugar in chewing gum can result in tooth decay.

4. Green Tea

Green tea also helps neutralize garlic and onion breath. Not only is it beneficial for digestion, but it can keep bad breath at bay. Get yourself some green tea after your meal to get rid of onion breath!

5. Lemon Water

Add a tablespoon or one squeeze of lemon juice to a glass of water to drink after your onion meal. Drink the solution to reduce your onion breath.

6. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Munching fresh foods and vegetables after meals will help mask the onion breath. Apples and lettuce are especially effective in reducing foul odor.

7. Herb Leaves

Chewing on parsley or mint leaves is a great tip to get rid of onion breath. The herb will cleanse your palate, decreasing the bad odor on your breath. This is an age-old remedy many people use to cover the unpleasant scent.

What Should I Do?

Onion breath can reduce your self-esteem, but there are many tips on how to get rid of it. Your dentist can help you freshen up your vest and reduce halitosis. Also, don’t forget your dental cleanups and oral care routine for improved oral health! The Dynamic Dental Solutions team is always looking forward to helping you. Dial
(281) 837-9090 to contact us now.

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