Crowns are common in cosmetic dentistry and it’s easy to see why. These tooth covers can protect damaged teeth and replace missing teeth, making them a great option for most patients who are looking for a strong, natural-looking artificial tooth. Below are three common problems that can be solved using a dental crown.

1- You Have Discoloration on One Tooth

Tooth discoloration can be a pain to deal with. Some people have a tooth that is naturally a darker color than the rest of their mouths, while others might have a discolored tooth due to a dental problem. Crowns are a great solution for this problem because the crown will be custom-made to match the rest of the teeth.

2- You Need to Have a Tooth Removed

If you need a tooth extraction, a dental crown can be installed using an implant to replace the tooth and fill in the gap left behind. Implants are strong, which means after your recovery you won’t even notice you have an artificial tooth.

3- You Want to Protect Your Broken or Cracked Tooth

Dental implants are also a great way to reinforce weak teeth. Implants can fit like caps over broken or cracked teeth to provide support without the need for a tooth extraction.

Baytown, TX Dental Crowns

Are you ready to learn more about dental crowns? The team at Dynamic Dental Solutions is here to help. We have installed dental crowns for countless patients over the years and are committed to providing you with expert care. To learn more, give us a call at 281-837-9090.

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