Candidate for braces, especially teenagers are afraid of the pain and discomfort braces might cause. In reality, once you get used to wearing braces, there is not much pain left. You may experience throbbing pain as soon as you get them or when your orthodontist makes some adjustments, there are many ways to relieve pain from braces.

How to relieve pain from braces?

Here are 7 amazing tips to help you fight braces pain.

Rub oral anesthetics

This is one of the simplest ways to relieve the discomfort that braces have caused. Applying some oral ointments to the affected teeth and gums can help soothe them. These work by making your teeth and gums less sensitive, so you don’t experience the pain of shifting teeth.

Use O-T-C Pain Relievers

Another way to free yourself from the agonizing phase is by taking over-the-counter pain relievers. Do you know a smart way to use them? Take a dose of medicine 45-60 minutes before visiting your dentist. This way, your session and post-session time will be less painful and uncomfortable.

Ice Pack to the rescue

You can also use an ice pack or cooled gel pack to reduce mouth and gum inflammation. This works instantly because cold temperatures numb the mouth, and the pain starts fading away.

Take some chilly sips

This amazingly simple home remedy can instantly relieve pain from the braces. When you get back home after your treatment, take a glass of water and jump to your freezer or ice-making machine and drop some cubes in the glass. Relax and take some chilly sips to numb the pain sensations.

A warm salty water rinse

The word ‘warm’ must be annoying, but just like cold water can play the trick, so can salty warm water. Take a glass of water and add some salt. Gargle with the saline solution to heal the sores or cuts on mouth and gums that braces may have given you.

 Massaging your gums can help

Just like a head massage relieves all your worries and headaches, a gum massage is an effective way to relieve braces pain. Using your fingers, rub your gums in a circular motion. For maximum results, rub your gum with an ice cube before using your fingers. But only do this to relax your swollen gums.

Maintain healthy oral hygiene routine

The way you keep your teeth is a good determinant of how much pain or discomfort you feel. After getting the braces, you need to put some extra effort into keeping your mouth clean. Brush and floss twice a day to keep your teeth and gums healthy and maintain a sparkling smile.

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